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The level controlled list identifies the level or tier a complete packaging item is at.

Controlled lists are maintained by the SCB, if there are values that you believe need to be added then contact us and we can add new values to the lists.


category detailed
lc-level-0001 primary The individual container that you store goods in to sell to consumers. This is called a sales unit. For example, if you sell peas in steel tins with paper labels, the primary packaging is steel tin and paper label.
lc-level-0002 secondary For grouping several sales units for selling or shipping purposes. Organisations may use secondary packaging to display goods in shops. For example, if you place one or more tins of peas into a cardboard box, then sell the box to a retailer or ship it to the consumer, the secondary packaging is cardboard box.
lc-level-0003 shipment A type of secondary packaging for shipping single or multiple sales units to consumers. This includes cardboard boxes and mailing bags. For example, if you place a mobile phone in a cardboard box and then place the box into a mail bag before shipping it, the shipment packaging is mail bag. The primary packaging is cardboard box.
lc-level-0004 transit Transit or tertiary packaging is used to group secondary packaging units together to protect them while being transported or handled. For example, if secondary packaging units are placed into larger cardboard boxes that are sealed with parcel tape and put onto wooden pallets to be transported, the transit packaging is cardboard box, parcel tape and wooden pallet. Transit packaging does not include road, rail, ship and air containers.