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Material Purpose

The material purpose controlled list identifies the purpose of this material in this combination of material constituents.

Controlled lists are maintained by the SCB, if there are values that you believe need to be added then contact us and we can add new values to the lists.


category detailed
m-material-purpose-0001 acid scavenger Acid scavengers, also referred to as antacids, neutralize acidic impurities, especially those that release HCl.
m-material-purpose-0002 adhesive Applied to one or both surfaces of two separate items that binds them together and resists their separation.
m-material-purpose-0003 antioxidant Used to inhibit oxidation.
m-material-purpose-0004 antistatic agent Used for treatment of materials or their surfaces in order to reduce or eliminate buildup of static electricity.
m-material-purpose-0005 barrier Used to reduce water and gas diffusion into and/or out of the material.
m-material-purpose-0006 coating
m-material-purpose-0007 fire retardant Used to improve the fire resistance of materials.
m-material-purpose-0008 light and heat stabilizer Used to inhibit photo-oxidation.
m-material-purpose-0009 lubricant
m-material-purpose-0010 pigment
m-material-purpose-0011 plasticizer
m-material-purpose-0012 preservation
m-material-purpose-0013 print
m-material-purpose-0014 slip compound
m-material-purpose-0015 structure Providing strength and stability.
m-material-purpose-0016 thermal stabilizer Used to minimize loss of HCl within PVC, a degradation process that starts above 70 °C.
m-material-purpose-0017 metal deactivators Deactivators work by chelation to form an inactive coordination complex with the metal ion.