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Component Disruptors

The component disruptors controlled list identifies what might cause disruption during the end of life process of a component. This is used in component end of life routes relationship list.

Controlled lists are maintained by the SCB, if there are values that you believe need to be added then contact us and we can add new values to the lists.


category detailed
c-disruptors-0001 Acrylic > 5%
c-disruptors-0002 Acrylic Barriers
c-disruptors-0003 Adhesives non water soluble at 80 degrees
c-disruptors-0004 Biological residue
c-disruptors-0005 Breakdown products of intentionally added substances
c-disruptors-0006 Carbon Black
c-disruptors-0007 Chemical residue
c-disruptors-0008 Colour
c-disruptors-0009 Compostable/ biodegradable
c-disruptors-0010 Contains fragments of Glass
c-disruptors-0011 EVA with Aluminium
c-disruptors-0012 EVOH > 5 %
c-disruptors-0013 Fillers that increase density PP above 0.97 g/cm2
c-disruptors-0014 Fillers that increase density of HDPE above 0.995 g/cm2
c-disruptors-0015 Foamed thermoplastic non-polyolefin elastomers
c-disruptors-0016 Food residue
c-disruptors-0017 “Hazardous Contents (chemicals, household cleaning)”
c-disruptors-0018 Inks that contain PVC
c-disruptors-0019 Inks that bleed
c-disruptors-0020 Laminated metal foil
c-disruptors-0021 Labels > 30 % of surface area
c-disruptors-0022 Metal components
c-disruptors-0023 non PO > 10%
c-disruptors-0024 Non-intentionally added substances
c-disruptors-0025 Nylon Barriers
c-disruptors-0026 Oxydegradable / OBD
c-disruptors-0027 Paper Label
c-disruptors-0028 PE Seal Layer
c-disruptors-0029 Potential interaction between packaging and product
c-disruptors-0030 Print covering > 50 %
c-disruptors-0031 PS fragments
c-disruptors-0032 PVC fragments
c-disruptors-0033 PVdC
c-disruptors-0034 PVOH > 5%
c-disruptors-0035 Silicone Valves
c-disruptors-0036 SiOX > 5%
c-disruptors-0037 Substances of very high concern
c-disruptors-0038 Too Big
c-disruptors-0039 Too Small