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Controlled Lists

Controlled lists are essential components of open data standards used to establish consistency in data entry and ensure that the data is accurate and high quality. They serve as reference points for key terms and phrases that are commonly used in the packaging industry.

By using controlled lists, data contributors are able to select from a predefined set of terms instead of entering free-text, which can result in inconsistencies and errors. This helps to maintain data integrity and reduces the risk of inaccuracies that can lead to costly mistakes.

Controlled lists also enable easy querying and reporting of data across the packaging supply chain. This is because each term in the list has a standardised definition and value, which allows for more precise comparisons between materials, packages and loads.

Overall, controlled lists play a vital role in ensuring that data is reliable and can be easily analyzed, leading to more informed decision-making and better outcomes for all stakeholders in the packaging industry.

Controlled lists are maintained by the SCB, if there are values that you believe need to be added then contact us and we can add new values to the lists.