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The function controlled list identifies the function of a material or a component. This is used in the following schemas:

Controlled lists are maintained by the SCB, if there are values that you believe need to be added then contact us and we can add new values to the lists.


category detailed
function-0001 aerosol
function-0002 bag
function-0003 barrel
function-0004 blister pack
function-0005 bottle
function-0006 brick
function-0007 bucket
function-0008 cage
function-0009 can
function-0010 canister
function-0011 cap
function-0012 carton
function-0013 case
function-0014 container
function-0015 crate
function-0016 cup
function-0017 dispense
function-0018 envelope
function-0019 film
function-0020 gable
function-0021 jar
function-0022 jerrycan
function-0023 jug
function-0024 label
function-0025 lid
function-0026 net
function-0027 pallet
function-0028 peel pack
function-0029 plug
function-0030 pot
function-0031 pouch
function-0032 pump
function-0033 rack
function-0034 reel
function-0035 rod
function-0036 roll
function-0037 sachet
function-0038 shrinkwrap
function-0039 sleeve
function-0040 stretchwrap
function-0041 tray
function-0042 tub
function-0043 tube
function-0044 vial
function-0045 wire
function-0046 wrapper
function-0047 window
function-0048 box